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 -  Saturday, 6 April  |  Kees
Suitable Coat Spaarne Navy
I have not worn the jacket yet. It's a winter coat that I have already put away for next fall. But the fit is excellent and the quality feels very good.
  Dear Kees, Nice to hear that you are so satisfied!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Good quality.
  • Looking young and dressed
  • Is very comfortable
  • Beautiful color really chic.
 -  Thursday, 4 April  |  Driessen
Suitable Coat Spaarne Indigo
Completely fine, nice jacket. I put on a spare button myself because there was in which buttonhole but no button was on.
  Dear PJ Good to hear that you are so satisfied. Enjoy your new purchase!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Quality
  • Price
 -  Monday, 22 February  |  Yvonne
Suitable Geke Coat Black
What a great quality coat. Looks beautifully tough and masculine
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  • Customization
  • Good quality

Buy Men's Coats online

Coats are a timeless classic and should not be missing in any men's wardrobe. A men 's coat jacket is ideally suited to wear over a suit, which is why the men's coats are designed in such a way that a jacket can be worn under as standard without it coming out. In addition to men's coats made of cotton, woolen winter coats are also available for winter. The double-breasted version is completely fashionable at the moment. These long coats are in its element in business atmospheres, but are also suitable for a fun night out.

Always go out in style with a coat from Suitable shop.

With clothes, especially outerwear - fitting for a particular occasion shows a man where he is at that moment. Is he on his way to the office or is he traveling? Is he enjoying his free time or is he dressed for a festive evening? In addition, an overcoat or men's coat protects against the cold, wind and rain. However, he also protects in a figurative sense.

Men's cloak jacket

Only when a man has taken off his cloak does he arrive. The word mantle comes from the Latin mantellum, which means sheath or cloth. Until the eighteenth century it was used for all robe-like outer garments. Only later did coats become overcoats that still serve as inspiration for today's models. Good examples of this are the immortal classics such as the gabardine and trechcoat.

Wool coats

Few jackets are as comfortable to wear as warm woolen coats! If you don't like casual jackets, but if you are more of a classic wool coat type, then Suitable is the right place for you. We specialize in beautiful woolen men's jackets that can be worn for business purposes. So you can wear Suitable coats very well over your suit or costume.

Suitable wool coats are made of a beautiful (combi) quality wool, so you can wear them a lot and for a long time. These jackets are known for their very luxurious finish, fine fit and optimal wearing comfort. It is therefore best to shop exclusive woolen men's coats at Suitable, order your favorite online or visit the store for personal advice.


If you are looking for a jacket that fits nicely with a suit, you will end up with a coat or an overcoat, also known as an 'overcoat'. When we talk about a coat, this usually means a longer coat, often made of wool. This type of jacket is traditionally intended to be worn over a suit, but can also be worn for a trendy, casual look when paired with more casual clothes and shoes.

Stylish through the rain in a trench coat

A trench coat usually means a long, neat coat made of a slightly lighter material than a coat. In addition, a trench coat is also intended as a rain-resistant coat. Sometimes you see this model jacket in combination with a belt made of the same fabric.

A stylish, business jacket that is resistant to wind and weather is a trench coat for men. Winter or autumn, with this jacket you will look good even on the grayest days.

Long, short or something in between?

The Suitable collection of coats and coats consists of a wide range, in which a lot of variation can be seen in the length of the coats. You are best protected against the cold with a long winter coat. Men who prefer a little more freedom of movement can also opt for a half-length winter jacket for men.

Choose the right size

If you are in doubt about the size of a cloak or coat, check the corresponding size chart. The jacket should in any case fit well with your posture and the clothing you wear underneath, there should of course be no tension on the buttons. It is also important that the sleeves of the coat overlap the sleeves of your jacket.

Men's trench coat

A men's trench coat is a coat that has been in fashion since the First World War. Men's trench coats used to be worn by front line soldiers. After the war they were taken back home and still worn for their warmth and weather protection. The men's trench coat has not yet disappeared from everyday life and that is why these timeless and classic men's jackets can be ordered online at Suitable.

The men's trench coat is often worn over suits because then the jacket does not come out from under the coat.

Timeless and stylish trench coat

British cloth manufacturer Thomas Burberry, who was born in 1835 in the South East England county of Surrey, had a vision of a waterproof cloak. He developed wind and waterproof, but breathable fabric, which he called gabardine. He turned this into a garment that made fashion history under the name men's trench coat. After the coat was worn by the British infantrymen in the First World War to protect them from wind and weather in their trenches, it continued to score in the 1920s. It became a popular all-weather overcoat among European and American citizens alike. Until now, long men's jackets are doing very well in men's fashion and there is nothing to indicate that this is changing quickly. Get advice for the perfect men's trench coat at Suitable!

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