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Ecoalf men's jackets online Ecoalf is, as the name suggests, an 'eco' brand. All activities within the company are designed to minimize the impact on the environment. For example, they do not use 'virgin' polyester. The polyester that Ecoalf uses for their jackets are made from PET or plastic bottles. By always using the most innovative and environmentally friendly fabrics, Ecoalf continues to pioneer. But Ecoalf is also working on making the world a little cleaner outside of the manufacture of clothing. They do this partly through their foundation.

Why buy an Ecoalf men's jacket?

Whether or not you are concerned with the environment and the impact that you as a person have on the world. The Ecoalf jackets are stylish and tough. Very suitable for the current husband. Only high-quality innovative fabrics are used for the jackets and coats that are less harmful to the environment.

Which fabrics are used for my Ecoalf jacket or jacket?

This clothing brand mainly works with recycled fabrics and not with animal products. Specifically, old plastic from the oceans and old PET bottles are used for the jackets. This plastic is pulverized in a closed system and spun into yarn again. Do you want a sporty, comfortable jacket that also contributes to a cleaner planet? Then an Ecoalf men's jacket or jacket is definitely for you. Buy your Ecoalf jacket or coat online at Suitable.
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