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If you are wearing the right jacket, any outdoor trip becomes an unforgettable experience. Outdoor jackets are different from ordinary everyday jackets because they have been designed with a different purpose. When they only had to be functional, rather than fashionable as well, they are long since over. No matter how trendy they may look, functionality is still a key for your perfect PME legend jacket. Because PME jackets should not only look good and fit well, they should also offer protection against the wind and the rain. PME functional jackets feature various characteristic details: a hood or various functional pockets with PME cargo plain accents. The winter jackets from PME Legend focus on functionality and comfort. From pilot jacket to neat men's jacket, PME Legend designs winter jackets for men in such a way that you are protected in all weather conditions.

PME jackets for men

The winter jackets from PME Legend are focused on functionality, comfort, and durability. From pilot-jackets to a neat men’s coat, PME Legend jackets designs it all for men in such a way that you will get protection in all weather conditions. Are you looking for a jacket that will last? PME legend offers you long-lasting jackets for fair prices. Strong, confident, and stylish jacket details have been processed in the PME jacket collection. With classic PME patches and earthy dark colors that would fit with any item, you will wear. To fulfill the purpose of a jacket, they are often wind and waterproof, offer protection against various weather conditions, against harmful UV rays, and of course, the rain. The jackets are extremely durable. PME jackets are, therefore, not only fashionable; they also keep you safe. Nowadays, the choice of jackets, specially designed for outdoor activities, is vast. But PME legend jackets are not only functional. They are also fashionable.

The classic bomber: “Hudson Bomber”

With the Hudson Bomber you will see all the features of PME Legend. This due to the iconic model of a pilot jacket and the lambswool collar. The bomber is made of natural leather, which ensures high wearing comfort. Another nice feature of this men’s jacket is it’s wind and water resistance. Hudson Bomber view high comfort with a strong design. Most regularly used in casual outfits, the flight style bomber is a safe and yet stylish choice. The most popular edition is available in a variety of colors in a leather shell exterior with the standard gartered waist. Combine it with the classic white t-shirt and PME legend denim. To complete the look, choose to go with a black hoodie, a pair of monk strap leather boots, and some chic accessories, like a leather hand-carry bag. Most regularly used in casual outfits, the flight style bomber is a safe, yet stylish choice.

Consel Hawk 3 in 1 a comfortable 3 in 1 winter jacket

A true winner. Counsel Hawk offers you protection from all weather conditions. You buy one jacket and get three instead. Get covered for all seasons at once. Who doesn’t want that? The men’s jacket consists of a parka raincoat as an outer layer and a bomber jacket as an inner layer. Combine the two for the perfect winter coat. Because of its endless combination possibility, it’s the ideal jacket for general use. And it fits the profile of an all-round jacket. Quilted winter jacket from PME Legend The padded winter coat is a nice basic coat. It is a recurring model in the PME Legend collection. The advantage of this winter jacket is that the hood is detachable. And you are ready for challenging weather conditions.

Quilted winter jacket from PME Legend

The padded winter coat is a nice basic coat. It is a recurring model in the PME Legend collection. The advantage of this winter jacket is that the hood is detachable.

When to wear your PME Legend Jacket

Where and how do you want to wear your coat or jacket? This also means that no two jackets are alike. Although they will always be of outstanding quality, there are differences in terms of the functions they fulfill and the properties of the material they are made of. PME legend windproof and three-in-one jackets offer the best protection against weather influences and are ideal for all year around. We have the right jacket for any activity. PME Legend jacket and coats are both flexible, durable and weatherproof, and are therefore a must-have for every man.

Choosing the right fit of your jacket

Choosing the right fit can be a struggle for anyone. Here are some highlights:
Bigger isn’t always better
A winter jacket that is too big won’t insulate as efficiently as a jacket that fits just right. All the open space keeps air hanging out there and keeps your jacket from being productive in keeping you warm efficiently.
Don’t wear your jacket too tight
If the jacket you are wearing is too tight in certain parts of your body, such as the armpit, the down layer insulation may be compressed and have no space to spread out and retain its comfort. Particles and materials making up your jacket’s inner layer are made up of multiple tiny pockets that trap air and keep the warmth. When these particles or materials are compressed, there is no open space for the pockets to accumulate air and create isolation of the flow. The movement of these particles and materials is where the isolation comes from, so without it, you’re left feeling cold and uncomfortable. A Jacket that is too tight can also impede your mobility.

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