-  Thursday, 15 January  |  Aart
Cumberband + Bow Tie Royal Blue
Local clothing stores did not have a cummerbund in their range and I was in a bit of a hurry. Both the bow tie and the cummerbund are exactly as they should be. Good quality. I know it shouldn't be done by the rules, but an even more colorful dark set with an imaginative pattern (so not a plain color) also interests me.
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 -  Thursday, 17 September  |  Heleen
Cumberband + Bow Tie Bordeaux
Both cummerbund and bow look good and are beautiful. It is a pity that the cummerbund has a bad closure. Before we arrived at the party address, the band had already fallen twice on the ground, which we luckily noticed. We have already had a Velcro fastener attached. Maybe also a tip for you?
  Thanks for the feedback, Heleen! We will discuss this with the supplier. Hopefully you still had a nice party. See you at [site name]!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Tuesday, 12 August  |  A.W.van
Cumberband + Bow Tie Silver
matching my dress suit on the occasion of a special event
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A cummerbund is worn as a closure between shirt and trousers. Thanks to a cummerbund, you are no longer obliged to keep the jacket closed every time. The cummerbunds are supplied including a matching bow tie and pocket square, so this is a complete cummerbund set. Cummerbunds come in different colors. When there is an opportunity to wear a tuxedo or dress suit, for variety you can choose a fun color of cumberbands, for example, red, purple or even gold!

Cumberband Set

The cummerbund set is a complete set with cummerbund, bow and pocket square.
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