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Dress suits

Dress suits, in other words White Tie, consists of a jacket with two long, pointed back panels. A suit perfect for your formal occasions. A dress suit consists of the following elements: a white dress shirt, a white piqué waistcoat and a white bow. All available in white tie packages. Buying a dress suit is quick and simple at Suitable, please contact us for further assistance.

Dress suit wearers

One of the most famous wearers of the dress suit was Fred Astaire. In his films, he wore dress suits in numerous dancing scenes. He looked elegant for sure, not only because of his own appearance but also because of the excellent fit of the suit. Purchasing a dress suit is an investment, which is only essential for men who visit formal occasions regularly, due to their profession. For instance, politicians, ambassadors and conductors, as well as students.


Purchasing a dress suit

A dress suit is a formal and ceremonial outfit to wear to proms or official occasions, generally at night and indoors. The dress code for which it is intended is ‘white tie’ or ‘cravate blanche’, when women are supposed to wear floor-length dresses.


The dress suit’s black jacket with glossy lapels reaches on the front just below the waist, is not worn closed, and shows the deep u-shaped waistcoat underneath. This waistcoat should be covered by the black coat tails, but today it is more and more customary to let it protrude about a centimetre.

When the dress suit is worn at daytime, which is very uncommon, the white waistcoat should be replaced by a black one. The long back panels should have a deep split and should reach the hollow of the knee. Sitting down, you place the panels backwards on your left and right side.

The black trousers are usually trimmed with single or double piping along the seam line. The white shirt is generally starched and, as well as the waistcoat, embellished with decorative buttons.

A watch is always omitted when wearing a dress suit. Patent leather shoes are preferred, as well as thin black stockings.

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