-  Wednesday, 6 September  |  J.W.
Smoking Bow Tie White
The bow is a bit sloppy and the band has a black back that can be seen when you wear it with skirt white. That was not visible in the picture. Of course, you don't have to expect too much from a bow below 13 euros, but still. I think I'll spend a little more money next time.
  What a pity to hear that the bow is not quite as you wish in Mr. Troost.. You can of course return it if you do not wish to keep it!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Tuesday, 12 November  |  Rob
Bow Tie Pique White
Great article, some minor points of criticism, the converted front should be stuck so that it remains neat. Have now done this myself with a few loose stitches. Buttonholes are on the large side but this can also be solved with a little diligence.
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 -  Thursday, 19 January  |  Kai
Bow Tie Pique White
A beautiful bow and fits perfectly for my gala for all sizes
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 -  Monday, 21 March  |  John
Self Tie Bow Tie White
Great bow, nice with a folding instruction.
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 -  Tuesday, 22 March  |  Rolf
Bow Tie Pique White
fully met my expectations: D
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White is of course an essential color for your white-tie event. Because these types of events are quite common, it is of course important that you have a number of white tie accessories at home. That is why Suitable a wide range of white bows for you. For the classic gala enthusiast, there is of course also a cummerbund that you can order, which comes with a bow. As you know, all your gala accessories can be ordered quickly and easily online at Suitable.
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