-  Thursday, 4 January  |  Mark
White T-shirt 6-Pack V-Neck
Price-quality is sufficient, fabric is thin and therefore airy. V-neck is not visible if your shirt is on with 1 button open. However, the fit was very disappointing. The description indicates slightly fitted, but it is just a straight shirt, with no kind of waistline. I bought an M (193cm, 83kg), I certainly needed this for the height and the chest size (fits both well too), but the shirt is even too spacious around the waist under a shirt. Lots of excess fabric around the waist and stomach. So if you want a straight shirt then this product is ok, but if you are looking for something with a tailored fit, do not order this product.
  Thanks for the review Mark! It's annoying to hear that the fit is not quite as desired. If you would like advice for an alternative, we are happy to help! :)   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Nice neck, not visible under a shirt
  • Good length of the shirt
  • Straight fit
  • Lots of excess fabric around the belly and waist
 -  Wednesday, 5 December  |  Walter
White T-shirt 6-Pack V-Neck
I used to buy V-neck shirts from Hanes and I chose this item because I wanted to try something different. Although it is more expensive than Hanes, I must honestly say, these shirts are more comfortable to wear, because they are also longer than the Hanes brand and the V-neck is also elastic. Next time I'll try the deeper V-neck and size XXL because of the longer length. The shipment did not go as it should and I had to go after it myself. Everything else is ok about this article and I can recommend it to everyone.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (1)
 -  Thursday, 15 January  |  Eric-Jan
White T-shirt 6-Pack V-Neck
I have actively looked around for shirts. This is a decent price. T-shirt is nice and thin, so it fits well under shirts. Long enough too. The V-neck is low (could not be deduced from the website text), which makes it very good to wear under a shirt when wearing a tie. If you want to have the V-neck visible under your shirt, it doesn't work. Delivery had not gone well. It contained a size that I had not ordered and there was not enough in it, but I could immediately exchange it at the store: that is good service.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (6) No (4)
 -  Tuesday, 26 August  |  A.
White T-shirt 2-Pack V-Neck
Experience with a crew neck T-shirt was fine, but the neck actually closed a bit too high, so I tried 2-Pack V-neck. In pictures V-neck also seems to connect high but because of the 'V' that could be a perfect fit for me. Unfortunately, this V-neck turns out not to close high but very low. At first thought it had to be a swap with the deep V-neck, but from the composition material and other indications this turned out not to be the case. It's a shame.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (0)
 -  Monday, 13 December  |  Yoeri
White T-shirt 6-Pack V-Neck
nice that I received an invitation (and did not end up in spam box) to write a review about the recently purchased V-neck shirts.. First of all, I got the round version with the V-neck packaging, sending back bales at least 5 days and effort further.. So via detour went to the shop in Utrecht center to exchange, no problem by the way.. So delivery no-star shirts fine white that you should always have in your closet I had an offer for 37, - for 6 great deal!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (0) No (1)
 -  Tuesday, 8 December  |  Fred
Alan Red West-Virginia V-Neck White 2-Pack
I bought these shirts because I am always very satisfied with Alan Red. Unfortunately this time they did not deliver what I ordered. Normal the V-neck has a wide collar with a fairly tight V-neck as it should be in the picture and which I am used to. Unfortunately I now got a version with a narrow collar and a wide neck. So not quite right what Alan Red and [site name] shop do, but well I have worn them and can't go back.
  What a shame to hear, Fred! You may have received the wrong model. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to take them back if they are no longer in the original packaging. Hopefully we can serve you better in the future, we would love to hear from   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (0)
  • Not like picture
  • Neck too wide
 -  Saturday, 20 December  |  P
Alan Red Vermont T-Shirt V-Neck White (2Pack)
I always wear Alan Red under my Shirts / Polos or sweaters. The shirt is also good, but above you can read that the sizes are not correct. I personally do not suffer from this. I always wear an M from Alan Red. After the wash, it is still the same fit. Therefore, if I do your laundry, I will just keep your size and not buy a larger size. This time I bought an L instead of M. It's okay, but an M would have been nicer.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (3) No (0)
 -  Sunday, 27 October  |  Joost
White T-shirt 6-Pack V-Neck
Very nice t-shirts and competitive price. Also experience with Slater and AlanRed, but AlanRed quickly becomes 'pilly' and is much more expensive. Slater quality (was) always very variable. Very satisfied with the vhals of [site name] 5 years. Especially well priced in six pack. 6 shirts for 4 bucks. Waistline could be a bit slimmer.
  Top Joost. Very nice to read that you are so enthusiastic. We wish you lots of fun wearing your shirts.   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (1)
  • Good quality
  • Sharp price
  • Stay beautiful
  • Waist could be slightly slimmer
 -  Thursday, 8 August  |  Martijn
V-Neck 6-Pack Bamboo T-shirts
I bought the T-shirts six months ago in the store in Breda on the advice of the staff. Super nice shirts but since three weeks ago that there is just a hole in it exactly at the bottom of the V-neck. Hopefully the next badge is better. Would like to order more but they are sold out in my size online. Hopefully available again soon.
  Hello Martijn, Thank you for this review. Is it the article below? I would like to ask you to contact customer service. We are happy to help you.   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (21) No (15)
  • Soft material
  • No yellow spots
  • Less sweat odor
  • Good fit
  • Hole in the fabric
 -  Monday, 27 December  |  Xander
Alan Red Vermont T-Shirt V-Neck White (2Pack)
Alan Red. The best T shirts I think you can get. The Vermont in V-neck: Great fit, hardly shrinks, narrow collar and seamless all around. Excellent price-quality ratio. Also take a look at the stretch version: the king of T-shirts. Slightly more expensive but it is more than worth it. Delivered within two days and a neat helpdesk!
Was this review helpful?   Yes (11) No (0)
 -  Monday, 29 October  |  Pieter
White T-shirt 6-Pack V-Neck
I had gone by previous reviews and therefore bought these shirts. 6 pieces. I like quality and seating shape. However, I do not think the V neck is cut deep so that it IS visible under a shirt. This was precisely not the intention for me. Next time, please cut a little deeper so that they are NOT visible under a shirt.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (8) No (2)
 -  Monday, 26 November  |  Robert
White T-shirt 6-Pack V-Neck
Great t-shirts for a decent price, but in terms of shape (I ordered L) the shirts are very long, which is fine for under a shirt but not if you wear them under a sweater / sweater (then they come out). Delivery took a few days, which I think should be able to look much faster at competing web shops at this time.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (3) No (0)
  • Price quality
  • Length
  • Delivery time
 -  Saturday, 27 February  |  Van
V-Neck 6-Pack Bamboo T-shirts
Nice, soft shirts. However, the size M shirts that I ordered at the end of December are much shorter than the ones I had before, so they now always come out above my pants. In addition, I notice that these shirts also start to 'pill' faster. That is why I am now going to buy shirts from another brand.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (0)
  • Soft
  • Too short
  • Go pills quickly
 -  Tuesday, 13 February  |  Elvira
White T-shirt 6-Pack V-Neck
Super t shirt Looks nice, perfect quality stays nice after machine and dryer treatment. Very long, so men with a small stomach or long upper body do not stand with a bare lower back. The price for 1 T-shirt is therefore a super deal. I am very picky but very satisfied with this product.
  Thank you for the T-shirts. Happy wearing!   ^Quinty van Suitable
Was this review helpful?   Yes (1) No (1)
  • Length
  • Price quality
  • Finish
  • Is neat enough to wear just (not under a sweater)
 -  Thursday, 5 May  |  H.
Alan Red Vermont T-Shirt V-Neck White (2Pack)
I chose this article because of the good reputation of the brand and also because I have good experiences with the brand. I have to say that I nowadays buy the shirts a size too large because they shrink considerably after 1 wash. However, this has no negative consequences for the fit.
Was this review helpful?   Yes (2) No (0)

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James Dean was already spotted wearing a V-neck t-shirt. Since then, these shirts have become an indispensable part of the fashion street scene. If you wear a v-neck T-Shirt under your shirt, choose a V-Neck made of a thin fabric. The edges may not be visible through your shirt or if the top button is open. That is why Suitable the most fashionable shirts with a V-neck for you. In addition, Suitable various t-shirts with an extra deep v-neck so that you can leave the top buttons of your shirt open without the v-neck t shirt men becoming visible.
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