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Petrol Sweaters

These men's sweaters are usually more subtle in terms of colors and prints. We see many smaller designs / prints in these items. This is done to create a mix between casual and comfort in the overall outfit. A Petrol sweater would be great for casual occasions. Within this range it is clear that Petrol is present, but much less pronounced. The Petrol sweaters have a beautiful round neck.

Petrol Hoodie

A sweater that can sit comfortably spacious and has a hood is also called a Hoodie. The Hoodie has no zipper. You see this variant often in sports activities or on the couch, but it is also indispensable for your street style look. These sweaters are recognizable because they are often available in brighter colors and a striking Petrol logo. They are usually well combined with jeans, sneakers and a bomber jacket.

Fit and use

Since the sweaters of Petrol Industries mainly consist of cotton. Is it wise to choose a size that fits well, pay attention to shoulders and length. After a while, it will sit a bit more comfortably. We recommend that you wash your sweaters less often than, for example, a T-shirt. The sweater does not directly touch the skin. Tip: Hang your sweater out well after wearing it, so that it can ventilate and you can safely wash the sweater after wearing it twice. There is always some wear and tear during washing, so wash the sweater inside out.
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