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The Dutch boxer shorts brand Muchachomalo has been great fame from the start. The literal meaning of the word Muchachomalo is “bad boy” or “naughty boy.” The brand wants to express that you should enjoy life because life is a big party. Who would not be happy with this trendy colorful underwear?
The colorful Muchachomalo boxer shorts are known for their unique prints, crowned real works of art.

A unique collection of boxer shorts for every season, the Muchachomalo collection revolves around a different theme, from which exclusive designs appear. The themes Art, Happiness, Cultures, and Life have passed the revue. But according to Muchachomalo, the best is yet to come. Muchachomalo aims at men who embrace their inner “Bad Boy” and collaborates with artists who design a related theme. The artwork on the wall is lovely. But the art on your ass is better. Be daring and different, which is one of Muchachomalo’s motives.

Muchachomalo quality boxer shorts

Muchachomalo boxer shorts are not only artistic and comfortable, but they are also of high quality. Muchachomalo is so convinced of the quality they deliver that they give a 2-year warranty on the products. The Muchachomalo underpants for men are available in sizes S to XXL made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. This ensures that the Muchachomalo men’s boxer shorts offer a soft touch, high wearing comfort, and extra strength. In addition to the extensive Muchachomalo men’s boxers with trendy prints, the brand also offers some plain boxers in a bright or neutral color.

Online Muchachomalo shopping

Suitable offers extended Muchachomalo boxer shorts for men with various artistic designs, colorful patterns, and cheerful graphics that every man should have in his underpants drawer. Can’t wait to have them at home? The sooner you order, the faster they will be delivered. Suitable delivers your favorite Muchachomalo boxers to your home for free, so you don’t even have to leave the house yourself.

Did you know that the boxer shorts consist of 9 parts that are joined together through the waistband? Then they are transported, they call this in Muchachomalo terms’ ship them bad boys out!’. They come from China and are distributed all over the world. This cool movie is worth watching!

So, presently you are surfing online for men’s underwear, and there are many choices, and you question yourself how to choose the right size? It’s not easy to choose your underwear but not impossible! To avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointment, it’s good to consider the difference in cutting in different brands. It’s a disaster to have underwear that is too tight or too wide and makes you feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, the measuring is an important part of buying your pair of your favorite Muchachomalo boxershorts.

So here are some steps to choose your right pair of boxers or trunks: Measurement. Just a simple hip measurement around your hips will do the trick. With this measurement, you will have no problems choosing the right size for any underwear you are looking for. You can use these measurements not just for your boxers but also for your jeans and chinos. The measurement remains the same.
Many confuse the hip measurement with waist measurement. To be more clear, it’s essential to know the waist measurement is the thinnest point of the waist. And hip measurement is the broadest point on the pelvic region or lower abdomen.
By measuring your hip in cm or inches, you will indicate the right size for your underwear. Please write it down and use it for any online purchase. Sizes. Now we get to the most confusing part: sizing. As we all know, countries and brands have different cuts. What is an M in Spain or Italy can be an S in the UK or Sweden. Also, the measurements themselves can be off and differentiate per brand. Therefore at Suitable online store, we always use the size chart to see your size in cm easily, just the way you measure it before.

Briefs or Boxers

By wearing this type of underwear, you will not only wear comfortable underwear, but this kind of underwear will let your buttocks curves reappear perfectly.
Muchachomalo collection
Every year this brand gets inspired by life, emotions, and people. This you will see in every piece of Muchachomalo’s underwear. It’s just art. Clearly said, every collection has a story. It will let people think and talk about it, a message from Muchachomalo to all, in a piece of art to wear. Every print design is going through a creative way before production. Meaning every message is designed and re-analyzed many times before it hits production. Also, they are handcrafted by the designer. Besides colorful statements, Muchachomalo also offers more simple patterns and colors. So every man gets his statement art to wear.

Muchachomalo at Suitable store.

We have a variety of different prints from the Muchachomalo collection with easy-going prices. Affordable and available for every man. Own your piece of art at our Suitable store and make your statement to the world.

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