Buy Monk Strap Shoes for men online

Within Suitable you will find a wide selection of men's shoes, for every moment and in every style. Like the stylish and trendy monk strap shoes, also known as the "monk".
The origin of the "monk-strap" shoe lies with the sandals that the monks in Europe used to wear. In the search for a shoe that better suited the weather conditions than the sandal, but with the ease and comfort of the sandal, the "monk" was created.
Nowadays, this fashionable buckle shoe has made a lot of progress and can be seen as a very good shoe for business use, but also extremely suitable for casual clothing.

The "monks" come in both leather and suede, with a single or double buckle. You can think of the buckle shoe as the most formal casual shoe or as the most casual formal shoe. But suitable for any time, in any style. The advantage of the buckle shoe is that you can get in easily and it is very comfortable to walk.

Stylish and fashionable shoes

You can combine the monk strap shoes with a nicely fitting suit, but of course the shoe is also easy to combine with nice jeans or chino in combination with a shirt and pullover.

The "monks" from Suitable come with a maintenance-friendly rubber sole, so you do not have to solder your shoes every six months. The Suitable sole is also anti-slip, making it suitable for slippery days.
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