MAC Trouser Lenny

MAC introduces you to Lenny.

A true fan already knows which MAC pants are available. But for those who are not yet well known, we would like to introduce you. This is our Lenny, a very nice chino that is suitable for many moments. For example, you can wear these regular-fit MAC pants very well to work in combination with a white shirt and blazer. It is a very versatile basic piece, which probably also goes very well with items you already have in your closet. If you have a light blue or pink shirt, then Lenny can also be combined with it. Preferably wear nice shoes under these fine pants.

MAC quality

When you say MAC, you say comfort, quality and excellent price. Almost every man can pass a pair of men's pants at MAC, because it offers so many different models. The Lenny is the typical MAC chino model, which you can recognize by the tapered legs. Are you crazy about chinos and do you prefer a regular fit, then the Lenny is definitely for you. If you are not quite sure yet, you can take a look around again in the Suitable webshop.
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