-  Monday, 13 June  |  Bogers
Profuomo Handkerchief Set Dark
good quality time, fast delivery, nice and big size nice and soft beautiful color very satisfied.
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 -  Tuesday, 20 December  |  Adelaida
Suitable Handkerchief Set Grey Checkered
Is perfectly fine. The product is as it is on the website. The delivery always on time.
  Good to hear that you are satisfied! Thank you for your review. See you next time at [site name]!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Monday, 25 April  |  J.Bogers
Profuomo Handkerchief Set Dark
I am very satisfied, good quality very nice that they are large and fast delivery.
  Super! Thanks for the review and hope to see you at [site name]!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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 -  Friday, 24 April  |  Toine
Profuomo Handkerchief Set Light
the first delivery was good
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 -  Friday, 10 June  |  J
Profuomo Handkerchief Set Dark
good quality
  Perfect! Looking forward to next time!   ^Quinty from Suitable
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Buy Men's Cotton Handkerchiefs online

The origin of handkerchiefs

The name 'handkerchief' actually says just enough: it is cloth. A cloth that you can keep in your pocket. Very practical and simplistic, but the handkerchief has a rich history! The first time pocket-handkerchief dates back to the time of Greeks and Romans, carrying cloth that served to wipe the sweat off their foreheads and blow in their noses. This cloth was called a sudarium. In the West, the first handkerchief of cotton originated only a long time later, in the 20th century. At that time, pocket-handkerchiefs were an outward sign of wealth, so the canvases were richly decorated, with embroideries and lace.

Once cotton handkerchiefs for men and women were accepted and adopted by everyone, people were specific colors on specific days. F.i. Red pocket-handkerchiefs were for everyday use. On Sundays, a white handkerchief was used. When one was in mourning, people would choose a white with black or dark blue cloth. Nowadays, pocket-handkerchiefs come in all kinds of colors and sizes, and you can easily pick the color and print that you like best! At Suitable, we also have a wide range of handkerchiefs for men, both online and in our shops.

Handkerchiefs at Suitable

We wouldn't be Suitable Menswear if we didn't have a complete range. After all, our slogan is 'My moment, my style'! Because it is nice to bring a clean pocket-handkerchief every day, you can choose from various handkerchief sets at Suitable. For example: go for a plain white pocket-handkerchief from the luxury brand Profuomo or a colorful handkerchief set from brand Barbour. Our Suitable label also offers various collections of men's pocket-handkerchiefs.

Handkerchiefs as a gift!

Did you know that all handkerchief sets packed in a nice box? This not only makes it fun to order cotton handkerchiefs for yourself, but you can also give a nice set of pocket-handkerchiefs to someone as a gift! If desired, you can even add a special gift box.

Professional men's handkerchiefs of excellent quality

Profuomo's men's handkerchiefs made of 100% cotton. Cotton making them feel just beautiful but also very soft. This is very important since the pocket-handkerchief comes into regular contact with sensitive skin under and around the nose. Thanks to the durable material, tissues can be washed at high temperatures.

Profuomo handkerchiefs for men with class

If you want to express class, reach back to a cotton handkerchief and let the paper version pass by its nose. Profuomo handkerchiefs come in a range of colors and designs. You can buy them per set of 3, so you always have one at hand. Ideally, you can adapt your handkerchief to your outfit. With white tissues, you can evermore get away with it thanks to their neutral character.

The advantage of cotton handkerchiefs

Cotton handkerchiefs are firmer and more durable than the paper version. They look stylish, and you can find them in different colors. Besides, they are also better for the environment since you use them again after washing. Another advantage of a cotton handkerchief is the impact on your style and appearance. A carefully chosen cloth also is an accessory that should be eye-catching. You wear it in the chest pocket of your shirt or your vest. Of course, you put it in your pocket as soon as you have used it.

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