Dstrezzed Shorts


The Dstrezzed brand stands for a high comfort experience within their clothing. The shorts are stylish and modern in design. This way you always walk well when wearing this brand! The shorts are made of airy materials, fresh colors and stylish fits. It is designed for the man who wears prints with pride, who enjoys touring until the sun goes down, a bon vivant.

Dstrezzed shorts

Fortunately, shorts or shorts as they become have been rid of their dull image for years. Combine your stylish shorts with a shirt, linen blazers and beautiful loafers and you can perfectly connect to a summer wedding. Everything depends on choosing the right size and fit. Make sure that the length of the shorts is not too long if you want to make it smart casual. The shorts then fall best when they stop a few centimeters above the knee. It should definitely not be too short, it could break down the rest of your outfit. The shorts can fit neatly on the hips and thigh, actually as you are used to with a chino.

Shorts casual

When you want to wear shorts or bermuda casual, it is good to know that they are worn loosely and can also have a longer fit. You have more room to move and often (not always) these models have multiple pockets. If you combine it with a T-shirt in combination with cool sneakers and your leisure outfit is ready!
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